Promotional Gifts

Are you looking for a promotional gift that is original and durable? Living plants are unique, original and sustainable, making them the perfect promotional gift. A promotional gift that continues to grow and that a recipient will enjoy for years to come. Also as part of a marketing campaign, a plant can perfectly match your company or message. With a fruit tree as a promotional gift, you hope for a fruitful collaboration with the recipient and an olive tree, for example, represents wisdom and prosperity. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities and together we can select a tree that perfectly matches your wishes.

Below you can read how we how we can help your business with special promotional gifts or with a gift for business relations.

We offer over 350 different garden & house plants

You can come to us for a wide range of garden and indoor plants. Perfect Plant Deal works with a team of top European growers. Thanks to these growers, our range consists of more than 350 different garden and indoor plants. From bonsai trees to apple trees and from small banana plants to large olive trees, Perfect Plant Deal has the perfect packaging for every plant. With a little over 2 million plants packed in our warehouse every year, you can also submit price requests for larger numbers.

Packed with great care and fast delivery

Each plant is packed and shipped with the utmost care. The plants come directly from the nursery and can be delivered to the recipient within 72 hours.

International delivery

Are your customers or recipients located abroad? Perfect Plant Deal can deliver your business gifts to employees and customers in 16 different European countries.

High-quality packaging in your own house style

Would you like packaging in your own corporate identity, with logos or your own printing, this is also possible. In addition to shipping packaging in your own house style, we can provide the plant with a label, flyer or folder in the style you want.

Perfect Plant Deal

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Nothing is impossible.