Dropshipment for websites

Perfect Plant Deal offers web-shops, daily-deal websites and platforms a drop-shipment solution for a interesting and fast growing product group. Would you like to expand your current online assortment or could your online assortment use an extra boost? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can read why we can be your dropshipment partner for plants and trees.

Promotional gifts

Are you looking for a promotional gift that is original and durable? Live plants are unique, original and sustainable, making them the perfect promotional gift. A promotional gift that continues to grow and that a recipient will enjoy for years to come. Also as part of a marketing campaign, a plant can perfectly match your company or message. With a fruit tree as a promotional gift, you hope for a fruitful collaboration with the recipient and an olive tree, for example, represents wisdom and prosperity. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities and together we can select a tree that perfectly matches your wishes.

Fulfilment for growers

Nowadays only 10% of flowers and plants are bought online. However, this share has risen sharply in recent years and it is expected that this will grow to a share of about 40% in the coming years. Currently, around € 35 billion a year is spent on flowers and plants by consumers in Europe. The online market cannot be ignored.

Action-based packing

Nowadays it is not always possible for you as a grower to pack all orders yourself. Sometimes it does not fit in terms of space in the distribution center and sometimes there is simply not enough staff for it. That is why we offer growers and exporters the service to have large promotions packaged by us. Thanks to our various packaging lines and our motivated workforce, we can package and ship very large numbers of plants in a short time.