Fulfilment for growers

Nowadays only 10% of flowers and plants are bought online. However, this share has risen sharply in recent years and it is expected that this will grow to a share of about 40% in the coming years. Currently, around € 35 billion a year is spent on flowers and plants by consumers in Europe. The online market cannot be ignored.

Enter the online market ?​

If you, as a grower, also want to enter the online market with, for example, sales via your own webshop, but you are still struggling with the logistical challenges, we can help you. Perfect Plant Deal offers growers various fulfillment solutions with which we take a lot of work off your hands.

What is standard fulfillment?​

With the standard fulfillment you, the grower, take care of the sale of the plants (via platform or own webshop) and we take care of the packaging and shipping to the consumer. Due to the large number of packages that are sent daily at Perfect Plant Deal, we can offer you a competitive rate and you immediately have the option of having your plants delivered to consumers throughout Europe.

PPD Fulfilment+​

At Fulfillment + we also take care of a large part of the online sales of your plants. We ensure that your plants are placed online at various platforms in their own retail environment. Together we make an online offer and determine the correct sales price per product. After that we look at which channels best suit the range.

This way we can put your assortment online for you on Bol.com and Amazon, for example.

This can include a company logo and / or a brand name. Depending on the initial success, we can, in consultation, upscale the online findability by means of a collaboration with larger media channels or promotion on promotional websites.

Perfect Plant Deal

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