Dropshipment for websites

Plants are essential in a beautiful garden or stylish interior but are a challenge for e-commerce companies when it comes to packaging and shipping them. They are often fragile products that require care and attention and, when in stock, require constant light, water and care.

Perfect Plant Deal offers webshops, daily-deal websites and platforms a dropshipment solution for this interesting and fast-growing product group. Would you like to expand your current online assortment or could your online assortment use an extra boost? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can read more about why we should be your dropshipment partner for plants and trees.

Complete unburdening

Unburdening you as a customer is our highest priority so that you can focus on sales and marketing activities. As a drop shipment partner, Perfect Plant Deal takes care of purchasing, production, stock management, quality controls, order processing, logistics and of course the after-sale service. Unburdening you as a customer is our highest priority so that you can focus on sales and marketing activities.

Product​ Range

With more than 350 different plant promotions, we offer a unique range of plants all year round that changes with the season. Whether it’s a daily deal, company promotion, a flash sale campaign or a seasonal offer on your website, thanks to our knowledge of the market, we will work with you to create an offer that meets the current needs of your target group. Our GREEN trend watchers provide a continuously growing range that is expanded weekly and adapted to the season.

Fresh from the grower

Excellent located between the largest plant auction centers in the world and in the ‘Green Heart’ of Holland, our fulfillment center is supplied fresh every day. The plants are delivered to us fresh directly from the greenhouses.

Only the best quality

Thanks to long-term cooperation with the best European growers, we guarantee a large stock of every plant species and we only deliver the highest attainable quality. From grower to consumer, we guarantee optimum quality at every step of the chain.


Our customer service team consisting of plant enthusiasts with a good dose of plant knowledge is happy to assist you and your customers. Whether it concerns questions about the care of a delivered plant or a question regarding the tracking of shipments, we are here for you! Fast and accurate.

Perfect Plant Deal

Offers you the perfect dropshipment partner for plants and trees. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities; nothing is impossible.