Large Salix Mount ASO (Pink Cat tree)


Producing fluffy pink catkins in late winter, the upright stems of this plant are perfect for cut flower arrangements and garden borders the Salix Mount ASO (Pink pussy Willow) is a welcome addition to any garden or patio.


The branches grown upwards to a full broad shape. First soft, pink catkins emerge (which is the Salix’s version for flowering), later the green leaves appear, and in winter the stems are an attractive ochre colour. The Iona is a strong, winterhardy tree that fits any garden and can be planted in soil or in a decorative pot. The garden Salix is the mini version of the large pollard and weeping willows that grace parks, riverbanks and roads. These willow bushes are usually grafted onto a tall trunk, so that they offer the opportunity to create attractive combinations with colourful underplanting. • Salix can be placed in both full sun and shade. • As a riverside plant, Salix likes to be in soil that is always slightly damp. • Prune if required after ‘flowering’ in June. Prune the variegated Salix species in the June and September. Delivered with an average height of 100-110cm (measured incl. pot)


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