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Air-purifying Plant Mix – 5 different plants in a setThese indoor plants do not only create a great atmosphere and provide plenty oxygen, but also have an air purifying effect? That means cleaner and fresher air in the house.These natural air fresheners are the perfect office plants, but are also pleasant in the living room or bedroom. These plants absorb harmful substances from the air through their leaves. Then these substances are stored and broken down in the plant or the root.Air-purifying indoor plants convert CO2 into oxygen during the day and they bring water vapor into the air, which improves the air humidity. Not only do they help improve air quality, they also provide better acoustics and atmosphere.In the mix:1x Philodendron Atom1x Clusia Rosea1x Areca Lutscens1x Spathiphyllum1x Asplenium Crispy WaveHeight on delivery: 30-40cm (measured with pot)Please note; plants are delivered in normal plastic pots, without decorative pots.All plants can grow up to 120cm when full grown. (The Areca can grow up to 200cm0


Philodendron AtomThis is a pretty, leafy plant with a compact growing habit.It’s a lovely plants with thick leaves that will grow bigger, the better the conditions.The lobed leaves make this plant really decorative.The Philodendron Atom likes a nice light spot out of direct sunlightClusia RoseaThe Clusia Rosea ‘Princess’ is a strong house-plant with sturdy leaves that shine beautifully.It grows on different substrates, ranging from marshes, tropical forests to lava lands.The Clusia is a good air purifier and can clean up to 30m2 of air.Clusia is a robust houseplant that’s also the houseplant-trend of the season!Asplenium Crispy WaveThe Asplenium Crispy Wave is a strong nice looking fern.Grows particularly well indoor.The Asplenium has hard, wavy leaves and is lighter in color than most ferns.These ferns originate from the forests in Japan and Taiwan where he grows on tree branches and rocks.Areca LutescensThe Areca palm has many names but is most commonly known as the Golden Palm.The Areca palm is one of the best palms to have in the house, it not only filters a lot of toxic substances from the sky, but looks beautiful too.Easy in care.Spathiphyllum “Peace Lilly”The Spathiphyllum is also called the Peace Lilly.Beautifull plant that originates from Colombia and Venezuela.The upright white flowers are characteristic of this plant.The flowers of the Spathiphyllum are always white and usually extend above the plant, giving it extra attention. The bigger the plant, the bigger the flowers.


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