Set of 4 Trendy Indoor Plants


The Trendy Indoor Mix contains 4 different plants for your home or office to create your own urban jungle! The plants are easy to take care of and are also air-purifying. The mix contains the following plants: Musa Oriental Dwarf (banana plant), Chamaedorea Elegance, Areca Lutescens and Coffea Arabica.


The Trendy Indoor mix contains the following 4 plants:

Banana plant – Musa oriental Dwarf
Take the tropics home with your own banana tree! This indoor banana plant, also known as the Musa Oriental Dwarf, originates from South-East Asia and Australia. It is a tropical indoor plant with beautiful large leaves. This special banana variety grows less quickly than the garden variety.

Chamadorea Elegance
The Chamaedorea elegans, also known as the Mexican dwarf palm, originate from the rainforest in southern Mexico and Guatemala. With a maximum of 50 cm growth per year it is the ideal chamber palm. It has been a popular indoor pal for years because it is easy to maintain. He has elegant green leaves that provide a true tropical look.

Areca Lutescens
The Areca palm has many names, such as Arekapalm, Dypsis, Golden Palm, but most commonly known as the Golden Palm. The Areca originates from the humid tropics of Madagascar, but this plant has almost all tropical areas. The palm filters the polluting particles from the air that is inhaled by the leaves and therefore has an air purifying effect. The Areca palm is one of the best palms to have in house, it not only filters a lot of toxic substances from the sky, but looks beautiful too.

Coffea Arabica
Coffea Arabica, also known as the coffee plant or coffee tree, originates from Ethiopia and is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands. He can be placed in the window sill or in another beautiful light spot, as he can be seen. If you occasionally spray the plant with a plant spray, he will be given a beautiful glossy leaf as a thank you. And in this way, he remains dust free so that he can absorb better light for good growth. In spring, the coffee plant gets beautiful white, sweet-smelling flowers. Then the berries come from green to yellow in red when they are ripe. The seeds are increasingly pressing together as they grow, giving them a distinctive shape.


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