Set of 2 XXL Phlebodium 'Blue Star'


The Phlebodium Blue Star belongs to the family of the ferns, and is sometimes also called the “Blue Fern” due to its blue-green leave colour. Originally, the Blue Fern is a tropical plant from the jungles in Central Africa. The plant is still highly present in the swamps of Florida. You’ll find the plants in the branches of huge trees since the Blue Fern has exclusive roots meant to stick on trees. The roots are also still able to feed the plant. Furthermore, the Phlebodium is air-purifying. It neutralizes harmful gases by absorbing them and breaking them down. A great plant to add to your home!


Since the Phlebodium Blue Star is a real plant from the jungle, it does not prefer direct sunlight. This could lead to scorch marks and discoloured leaves. Besides this, the Blue Star is quite easy in terms of light. Comparable with other ferns, the Blue Fern prefers to continually live in a moist soil. Do not water the plant too often, if water remains at the bottom of the pot, the roots might rot. It’s important to water the Phlebodium on the side of the plant. If you directly water the plant in its heart, it might get a bald spot in the middle. When taking care properly of the Blue Fern, it could grow up to a meter high! However, it won’t grow very fast in houses. . What is also good to know, besides being air-purifying the Phlebodium is non-toxic. A great plant for your pet as well!

The Phlebodium Blue Star will be delivered in a set of two plants. The height of the plant is approximately 40 – 50 cm (including pot). The plants will be delivered in a pot with a width of 17 cm.


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Phlebodium Blue Star






40-50 cm including pot

Good to know

The Phlebodium is air-purifying

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