Set of 2 Coffee plants


The Coffea Arabica, also known as the coffee plant or coffee tree, originally comes from Ethiopia and is still relatively unknown in Europe. It can be placed in the windowsill or in another light spot. The Coffea grows as a full compact shrub with dark glossy leaves. During the spring, the coffee plant produces beautiful white, sweet-smelling flowers. Then, it might produce berries, which turn from green to yellow to red when they are ripe. The seeds press against each other more and more as they grow, giving them a characteristic shape.


The Coffea plant keeps its beautiful shining dark green leaves all year long. It can grow actual coffee beans! These beans can be used to make your own coffee. The Coffea Arabica prefers a bright spot. It can also be placed in direct sunlight, although it needs to get used to it. Furthermore, it is important to keep the soil moist, a little water at a time is enough. It is also recommended to spray the plant often so the plant remains its shiny leaves and stays dust-free so that it can absorb better light for good growth. Coffea Arabica plants are considered safe (non-toxic) for cats and other pets. Eventually, the plant can grow up to 60-70 cm.

The Coffee plants will be delivered in a set of 2 plants. The length of the plants is approximately 20-30cm (including pot).


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Coffea Arabica


House plant




20-30 cm including pot

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Produces actual coffee beans

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