Set of 2 Clusia Rosea 'Princess'


The Clusia Rosea ‘Princess’ is starting to become a real house-plant trend but it is still a rather unknown houseplant, it is a strong plant with sturdy, quite large leaves that shine beautifully. The plant occurs naturally in tropical and subtropical areas. Their natural habitat extends from southern United States to South America, but the Clusia grows mainly in the Caribbean. It grows on different substrates, ranging from marshes, tropical forests to lava lands. The clusia is a good air purifier that cleans up to 30m2 of air. Clusia is a robust houseplant that’s also the houseplant-trend of the season!


The Clusia is a strong houseplant. The plant needs a lot of water. It can also withstand fairly low temperatures for short periods, around 10 degrees, but this plant is best placed in a heated living room of at least 16 degrees. Regarding the location, it is best to place the Clusia as light as possible without direct sunlight.

The Clusia Rosea ‘Princess’ will be delivered with a height of approximately 25-40cm (measured incl. pot). The plants will be delivered in a 12cm diameter pot.


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Clusia Rosea Princess


House plant




25-40 cm including pot

Good to know

Very air-purifying!

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