Set of 2 Aloe Vera plants


2, 4 or 6 Aloe Vera plants. Super trendy and easy house plant with healing powers a must have for all plant-collectors or plant lovers.


Set with 2 Aloe Vera plants. Discover the healing powers of the Aloe Vera plant. The Aloe Vera is a tropical succulent plant used for centuries for its medicinal properties. More than 6,000 years ago the Egyptians discovered that the aloe vera plant was more than just a desert plant. The secret that was hidden deep in the leaves was therefore no longer retained and the plant has been used for skin care and for embalming their Pharaohs. The decorative Aloe Vera makes a lovely houseplant. The Aloe Vera is a super trendy houseplant and is just so easily cared for. Aloe Vera sap has been renowned for its remarkable medicinal and cosmetic properties for many centuries and has been used to treat grazes, insect bites and sunburn. The sap has been proven effective!


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