Set of 3 Dwarf Fountain Grass (Pennisetum Hameln)


One of the best and most used grass species is the Pennisetum ‘Hameln’. The Dwarf Fountain Grass, bontanicle name Pennisetum Hameln is an attractive grass highlighted by fluffy, buff-colored plumes that arch above the lush, green fountain of foliage. In the fall, the foliage turns a lovely golden russet color. Creates a terrific contrast when used among shrubs or as a backdrop in a perennial bed. With its attractive fountain-like flower displays, Fountain Grass is one of the best choices for smaller gardens and courtyards where it won’t overwhelm the scheme.


The Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’ is decorative grass with darkgreen leaves till approximately 40 cm high. It has plume-shaped inflorescence on thin flower stems up to 60 cm high. The grass looks best when planting multiple of the species together. The Pennisetum Hameln is a strong grass species, originating from the North of America. During the months July till September, the Pennisetum grows beautiful, dark red plumes, which look like brushes. In earlier times, these “brushes” were used to clean the glass of oil lamps. Nowadays, you often find the plumes as dry flowers. This garden plant is very winter hardy. Its plumes will stay, but the leaves will fall off. Eventually, the plant can grow up to 75 cm high.

Pennisetum Hameln is especially a recommendation when having a garden towards the south. The plant prefers sun and warmth. Preferably, place the plant in the sun with a bit of shade. It is important to plant the Pennisetum Hameln in a well drained garden soil. Furthermore, it is recommended to prune the stems after the winter to 10 cm above the ground. The Pennisetum Hameln is a perennial plant and is not poisonous to humans or animals.

The Pennisetum Hameln will be delivered in a set of 3 plants. The plants are delivered in a 9cm pot with an average height of 10-20cm (measured including pot).


Additional information


Pennisetum Hameln


Garden plant




10-20 cm including pot

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Grows fluffy, buff-colored plumes

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