Prunus persica Saturn


The Prunus persica ‘Saturn’ is the best known flat peach varieties in Northern Europa. In the spring (March / April) this peach tree blooms with light pink flowers. The peaches follow after the flowering. You can pick and eat the fruit around August. The peaches are strikingly flat and have a yellow-red, velvety skin. They have white pulp and taste sweet. The ‘Saturn’ is a delicious snack and you can eat with or without the peel. The skin peels easily when you peel the peach.


The Prunus persica Saturn is a winter hardy variety that can be planted in pot of straight to soil. However, it doesn’t grow any leaves during the Winter. Furthermore, it is important to prune the tree during the Summer and NOT during the Winter. Cut the little branches to make space for the fruit. Eventually, the Peach Tree could grow up to 200cm high and 150cm wide! The Prunus persica is non toxic.

The Prunus Persica Saturn will be delivered with a height of approximately 70-80 cm (measured including pot).


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Prunus persica 'Saturn'


Garden plant




70-80 cm including pot

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Grows edible peaches

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