Mixset of 3 dwarf azalea plants


A mixset of 3 dwarf evergreen Azalea plants. The mix is made from the colours red, white, lilac and orange. Such a pretty collection to place in your garden! The Azalea is a slow-growing and hardy perennial. These compact shrubs make an excellent low maintenance addition to a garden. They are ideal for acid borders and patio containers. The Azalea flowers from April to June. The plant is at its prettiest when planted in dappled shade. Eventually, the Azalea can grow up to 90 cm high and wide.


The Azalea is not very hard to take care of. For best performance, plant it in the sun or dappled shade. It is best to plant in moist, well-drained soil of loam or sand within an acidic PH balance. When planting, make sure the soil is moist and stays moist for the first week. Apply organic matter such as leaf mould and mix it in well to the native soil. Dig a hole as deep and twice as wide as the root ball applying a generous layer of chipped bark to keep the soil cool and moist. Water thoroughly and deeply after planting. Water the Azalea when the soil surface becomes dry. Thorough watering should also be undertaken during periods of drought. During the spring, it is recommended to feed azaleas with an ericaceous fertiliser. Furthermore, the Azalea does not require much pruning although it is beneficial to remove dead wood or spent flowers.

The Azalea Mix will be delivered in a pot with a width of 9 cm. The length of the plants is approximately 20-30 cm (measured including pot).


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20-30 cm including pot

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Delivered as a mix with different colours

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