Tricolor Grape Set (3 plants)


Have you always wanted your own grape plants? That is now possible with this beautiful mix of 3 different types of grape plants. Grapes, Latin name “Vitis Vinifera”, are beautiful climbing plants that are reminiscent of the warm south and give your garden or balcony a wonderful Mediterranean atmosphere. Let them grow and climb in a sunny spot against a fence, fence or, for example, along the wall. The plant can be kept in the garden as well as in a pot. Harvest time is around September-October!


The grape plant is a very easy plant. It prefers a sunny location in a warm, sheltered place where it can climb and grow. It is best to put the plant in the ground so that it can easily find its moisture and nutrients and therefore grow faster. Always provide good drainage. The plant is hardy to -15 degrees Celsius and loses its leaves in winter. In the spring the plant sprouts with new leaves. It is best to prune the Vitis in early spring (February).

Each set contains the following varieties of grapes:
– Pinot Noir: Blue grape. Self-fertile, offers a sweet-flavor and provides thin-skinned fruits
– Pinot Blanc: White grape. Offers a heavy-cropping habit, high sugar fruit and great for making honey flavored muscat
– Pinot Gris: Red grape Desert. Real sweet fruit and cooking grape, suitable for jams, chutneys and wine and creates a deep claret full bodied red self-fertile

The set of grapes will be delivered in a set of 3 plants. The height of the plants is approximately 25-40 cm (measured including pot).


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Vitis Vinifera


Garden plant




25-40 cm

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Produces edible grapes

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