3-pack Helleborus Winterrose


This is the best way to fill up your empty flowerpots during the autumn and winter! When all flowering plants have died during the autumn, the Hellebore starts flowering. This Hellebore produces pure white flowers from November to mid spring. Because Hellebore is one of the very few plants that flower in the winter and early spring, it also attracts early bees that are waking from their winter sleep. A very special plant to decorate your garden with during the cold seasons.


Helleborus Niger, commonly called winter Rose or black hellebore, is an evergreen perennial flowering plant. It is one of the most popular winter flowers. It can be planted outside ánd indoors. Originally, the Helleborus Niger comes from the mountains of the Eastern Alps and is therefore a truly European plant that grows well in the Western European climate. Helleborus belongs to the perennials. That is remarkable, because unlike most perennial plants, this winter flowering plant stays beautifully green in the winter. They are even at their beautiful best during that time! Enjoy this evergreen perennial year after year. This Helleborus makes a fabulous addition to shaded borders where it will also attract pollinating insects to the garden. They can also be planted in pots or balcony trays. Furthermore, the Helleborus is winterhardy. Watch out: the plant is toxic for pets.

Do not plant the Helleborus deeper than they were in the pot on arrival. If you plant the plants too deep, they will flower badly. During the spring, provide them with a layer of well-digested compost or mix some blood flour or bone meal through the soil. Preferably repot at the end of August/ early September. Always make sure that the plants are equipped with a large root. However, repot as little as possible. Preferably use organic fertilizers if you wish to give fertilizers. This way, your Helleborus will grow nicely!

The Helleborus Winterrose will be delivered with a height of approximately 20-25 cm in a 12cm pot (measured including pot). It can grow up to 60 cm of height and 60cm wide.


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Helleborus Niger


Garden plant




20-25 cm including pot

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Flowers during the winter!

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